shortcode construction_landing_page

Although it has different functionality – for our purposes – this shortcode has most likely been superseded by the mcc_digests shortcode.

This shortode is tightly tied to the construction_landing_page theme that we are using on MCC. The theme controls many aspect of the visual display of the site. Most notably the menus, header & footer and the content of the home page.

The list of sections are: about, clients, portfolio, services, banner, contactform, promotional, testimonials. For MCC we are currently only using the services section. As such this shortcode has only been tested using the services section. IE coded as below:

[construction_landing_page section="services" /]

This code can be place at any location in any page using the editor and selecting the shortcode type of block. When the page is displayed (or previewed) this shortcode will generate the same content of the corresponding section (in this case services section) of the home page. Including the title and the digests. The visual formatting – changes slightly. For example the background will be different.

The shortcode wont render on the home|front page. It is obviously tied tightly to the theme.

The most common use of this theme was to render exactly the same content on one of our sites pages. In this case, it was developed to create an easy way to render the ministries page – in a manner that is easily maintained (same content as the home page services section) and is responsive.

After implementing this shortcode to fix rendering of the ministries page. I decided that I needed something similar to address the about page. A new shortode mcc_digests was created to solve that problem. Having developed mcc_digests I then went back and change the ministries page to use the new shortcode.

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