Hi! Thanks again for your answers here. The link you sent me contained a subtitled tutorial and that made all the difference for me. The reason is since the guy talking not only talks quite fast for me, but he also (like me) has an accent, a tough combo. So in this case, the subtitles really helped me.

When I made those sliding banners, I marked the boxes from the start to make them mobile phone compatible. However, I still can’t see them on my phone. So that is something I will continue working on.

Also, I am trying to find out how to remove that scripture on top (the contagious one that I mentioned when we talked on the phone a few weeks ago), since Ramona wants it removed and she also wants the dark brown background up top on home page to be white instead. (Where the logo is.)

That is a little update of the things I am trying to figure out at the moment.

Have a good day!

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